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Charlotte.  Raleigh.  Charleston.  Greensboro. Greenville.  Orlando.  Columbia

What You'll Accomplish

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Compete With Others

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2021 & 2022

2021 & 2022


Unprecedented Growth.
Infinite opportunities.

Gone are the days of sitting behind a desk for an internship. Aruza is a one of a kind Internship, geared to equip young professionals with real word skills, tangible numbers for a resume, experienced based learning and real income.  

Aruza has hosted over 200 interns from over 75 different colleges and universities, and we pride ourselves in rivaling the impact an individual would get from major in sales. 

As a company we have exploded onto the scene with 1,792% 3-Year Growth, earning us the #256 spot on the 2021 Inc. 5000 Fastest Private Growing Companies List.

Some Numbers We're Proud of from our sales program.


Years of Experience


Service Branches


Revenue Generated


New Customers


Industry Awards



It’s pretty hard to describe my experience at Aruza in a few words but to summarize it, it was life changing for me. I began my experience at Aruza not sure of what to expect but after a few weeks of being surrounded by a group of individuals who were as like minded as me and being led by people I aspired to be, forced me to level up in my life. I developed invaluable communication skills, interpersonal skills and a never give up mentality at Aruza which has been the basis of my success after Aruza. Never in my life had I found a place that was so focused on helping individuals reach their full potential such as Aruza. If you’re looking for an opportunity to become your best self, I highly recommend Aruza.

         Brendon Cyprianos - Former Intern


“Aruza has turned a group of strangers into some of my closest friends that will last a lifetime. I have also been lucky enough to travel throughout the states during the off-season without having to worry about getting another job."

         Peter Vonderheyde - Co-Team Leader


"Aruza has done more for me than I can even put into words. Not only was I growing in confidence every single day, but I was also meeting people and making connections that would last me a lifetime."

         Hampton Tighlman - Team Leader


My experience at Aruza was life changing. From the experience in sales to seeing different types of people of backgrounds, you learn how to communicate effectively. The confidence, communication, and mentality you gain from this experience is hard to find elsewhere. For those reasons, this internship has put me in a place where I can confidently push forward through my professional career. #Rollraleigh

         Jason Yang - Former Intern


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